A Game Plan Of Learning While Having Fun

The attention span of a child is often limited. To get them interested in something requires special skill sets that professionals most definitely have at the best kindergarten in Singapore. The website, http://www.ourjuniors.com.sg details the game plans of learning while having fun. Children divided into Kindergarten 1 (age five) learn the new concepts of math, some science, a new language accompanied with other interactive programs.

At age six in Kindergarten 2, they are taught to face challenges as they are prepared for primary school. They are taught a higher degree of math, science, some history and an accent on language skills. During the program, children, who at this stage are quite vocal about their needs, have a tendency to question many noticeable things.

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The best kindergarten in Singapore teaches children a smattering that covers a variety of topics. During their time at the school, they learn not only the basics of education, which is of extreme importance today, but they also use their hands in being artistic. The choice to include play like singing, music, craft, art and other methods are inculcated during their time spent at school. Today, without the knowledge of the computer or smart phones, one can feel left out considerably. Try telling a child today that the phone is out of bounds, or even the remote or the laptop and he will act out. With great learning comes temper tantrums, and at the school, children learn how to keep their mood swings under wraps. They are also taught a wee bit about technology like using the mouse, researching certain topics on the internet, and other imperatives in childhood learning for the 21st century child.

Most parents work crazy shifts and looking after their children is quite a difficult task. It is also a necessity to ensure that children get the education at a playschool and kindergarten to prepare them for school life. The cozy and safe atmosphere at home is a necessity as is education. If your child has not attended any of the schools or has not been homeschooled, there is a chance that s/he will be denied a seat in regular school. In addition, in the 21st century with a plethora of information available everywhere, protecting children from knowledge is not possible. There is a natural curiosity in them, which needs to be churned for the larger picture. The little one of today may just be the next big scientist of tomorrow or the brightest rock star of the century.

Welcome to my blog! I am a preschool educator and I enjoy working with young children. They are not only adorable, they are inquisitive and kind. Over the years, I’ve learnt about the importance of childhood education, in order to nurture a healthy – physically and emotionally – child, there are many areas to take note. I hope my sharing on this platform will benefit you!