Should preschools be mandatory for every child in Singapore?

Children studying in preschools have shown marked improvement over children who didn’t go to preschools, according to new research. A child who has attended a preschool is academically more successful and socially more accepted by other children. It has also been found that children who go to preschools get better jobs and earn more than their counterparts when they grow up. There are numerous benefits of studying in a preschool for children but should it be made mandatory for every child in Singapore?

The importance of preschools

Singapore playgroups and preschools attract high fees and that is probably one of the reasons why parents choose homeschooling over preschools. Although, there is nothing wrong with homeschooling, it does not always deliver the same results as a preschool. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. It prepares a child for the future. Preschoolers have better problem solving skills and a higher level of understanding than others. A child’s brain is still under development and whatever it is trained to do remains for life.

2. A place to explore. Preschools provide a common ground where children gather to explore and learn about themselves and all those around them. It is their first step in a social gathering as an individual and is an excellent way to observe how their behavior will be towards others.

3. It makes them a better person. A preschool is not only about play. It is also about imparting the right education that children need to become better human beings. Apart from self-development, a preschool teaches social manner, discipline and good behavior.

There are many other important aspects about preschools and why parents should send their children to preschools.

Those who go to preschools vs. those who don’t

Research has shown that children who go to preschools are smarter and more intelligent than those who don’t. It has also conducted research on adults who had been to preschools. It shows that about 60% of those adults who went to preschools had better jobs than those who didn’t go to preschools. The research has further shown that adults who were preschoolers are less prone to doing crimes than others.

The data clearly shows the importance of studying in a preschool. Hopefully, in future the Singapore government will understand the importance and make it mandatory for parents to send their children to preschools.

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