Four Basic Lessons your Child needs before Preschool

Before your child starts preschool in Singapore, you need to be sure that he or she is ready for it. Don’t misunderstand “ready” for “willing.” Most children won’t know what to expect from preschool, which is where you come in. Your duty as a parent doesn’t end with choosing the right preschool for your little one. You have to do a little schooling yourself before your son or daughter is all set to go.

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Here are four basic lessons your little one needs before they start Singapore preschool.

Potty skills

Young children rarely have complete bladder control, resulting in accidents. And these can make your child feel anxious and uncomfortable in class. Children often misunderstand or fail to recognize signals from their bladders, which can sometimes appear all of a sudden. Young children can also become so absorbed in what they’re doing that they often ignore these signs from their bladder.

As a parent, it’s important that you help your little one recognize these signs and learn to act on them. Teach them to go to the bathroom at least twice in a span of five hours. Also teach them to undo their clothes quickly and easily.

Social skills

Your child will definitely be uncertain about preschools and have several questions for you. Explain that the first day of preschool will be awkward for every little kid in class. Try explaining how awkward your first day at school or college was. You could also take your little one on playdates to help fine tune his or her social skills like taking turns or sharing.

Eating and dining skills

When your child is eating without you around, he or she can feel anxious because they are used to you monitoring and helping them during meals. Sometimes, even opening the lid of a plastic container can be a tedious task, leaving them frustrated and uninterested in eating. Practice school lunches at home. You can pretend to be a fellow student and ease your child into becoming more comfortable with the idea of eating at school.

Understand bus basics

Your child is familiar only with the vehicle you drive, so a giant yellow bus can appear very intimidating to a tiny human. Before school starts, take walks with your child and show them what bus stops are and how school buses work. You can even get a willing bus driver to take him or her on a test drive.

These skills are very basic, but they can help your kid enjoy their classes better and make friends easily. Make sure your child is skilled in these areas before they start their preschool in Singapore.