Choosing the right teaching philosophy most suited to your child and other factors to keep in mind.

Choosing the right teaching philosophy most suited to your child and other factors to keep in mind.

Every individual has a unique personality that calls for different learning environments. This is because what one child must be comfortable with might not be sought by the other. In an attempt to provide a perfect learning environment for your child, authorities in Singapore have come up with various preschools, each having the freedom to have any teaching philosophy. Below you will find Donna Matthews talking about the necessity of a preschool and how it serves to enhance the skills an individual is born with.

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The necessity of a preschool

As a child is growing up, what is highly important is not the kind of care a child receives, whether it is through a nanny, parent, daycare, preschool, or other- but rather the primitive nature of their home experience. So even though company does matter, it does not influence your child in the early years as much as you think it does. No matter the form of early childhood care, optimal outcomes are experienced by children who experience warmth, responsiveness, and the right kinds of stimulation at home. Read more here!

A child’s verbal communication, cognitive, and societal progress outcomes are all enhanced in high-quality care environment and this cannot be argued because there the child has the support of well-trained adults. Children growing up at home tend to have more behavior problems thus showing signs of aggression and lack of co-operation. Since parents tend to be more lenient with the kids diet, the kid might also show symptoms of minor illnesses such in upper respiratory and stomach. The following article by Karen on Noodle will give you an amazing insight into the options you can choose from. 

At this point, you might be unsure of what preschool to send your child to. Chiltern House might be one of them. If that is the case, do check out this Chiltern House Review and read about other preschools as well to know which you should send your precious one to.

Different teaching philosophies

The most common type is the Traditional classroom system having a structured curriculum. The system devises specific objectives which the children have to build their goals around. Learning is through recognition of letters, numeric, various sounds and shapes e enhance problem-solving and listening skills. Hence the activities are teacher-directed which means the teacher passes down a set of instructions and sets the goals to be achieved by the child. In traditional environments, certainly there may be a free-choice period, but there is more emphasis on formal instruction. Children tend to call teachers by their last names, and they may be required to wear uniforms or follow a dress code. Read more here!

The second most common type is progressive in which developmental is prioritized through keeping the teaching system child-centered. In this methodology it is believed that the children should explore through inventive play, art, and puzzle solving. The school usually has a play area and an area for painting and a puzzle area. Teachers adapt to these environments instead of keeping expectation from the child for a certain goal. They keep checking up on kids in their own chosen engaging spaces and encourage them to go forward with their own ideas.

Another type is Montessori. In this self directed learning is encouraged. The learning initiates with the teacher explaining the proper usage of different materials. After this step has been undergone, the children are left on their own to depict the same method used by the teacher. Such programs are designed to cater to each kids interests and needs according to their pace. Practical, sensory and linguistic skills are enhanced

Another system is the Reggio Emilia approach. It brings to emphases the children as competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative, and inventive. In this the child has to be well aware of the look and feel of the classroom, which is supposed to be the third mentor.

The last type of philosophy system that you will come across in Singapore is the Waldorf approach. Teamwork and community based learning is encouraged through a hands-on exploration. The mentor of your child will not change until eighth grade which ends up in a strong, trust worthy relationship between the teacher and child in which the teacher is able to fully recognize your child’s capabilities and skills and discuss them with you. Now that you are aware of the philosophies, keep reading below to find out what Wendy Wisner has to say about the program options available to you.


Choosing the right program- Half day or full day?

If you have noticed that your child gets over stimulated under a lot of hours of a tight structure and socialization or even sitting in a classroom for just six hours has resulted in massive mental meltdowns for your child; half day programs are the perfect choice for you! They tend to work out better in terms of the mental health of the child. Should we stand by and accept that high-level academics are being stressed at such early ages, and valued over things like creativity and free play? Read more here!

However if you cannot give full time attention to your child or are unable to cater to their daily needs due to some reason, then a full day program is the one you should go for.

To conclude, there are so many options to choose from and your child is sure to settle in amongst one of them. Some schools even go for a mixture of these approaches. So if you want a program that inculcates the ideas of Montessori teaching methodology while enhancing socialization skills of your child, you can even have that.


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