How is a nursery school good for your child

How is a nursery school good for your child?

A child between 3 to 6 years of age is very thirsty for knowledge, almost like a sponge. They take in everything you teach them at this age with glee. This is the best age to equip your children with skills that will help them later in life. This includes academic skills as well as social skills. While home schooling a child can impart them with the necessary skills in language, mathematics and other subjects, a nursery school in invaluable in teaching your child about social skills and allowing them to socially interact with other children under supervision. Read on to know the many more benefits of enrolling your child in a nursery school before you start looking for nursery schools Singapore.

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Foundations of Learning: More than the actual learning nursery schools are all about teaching your child how to learn. It is here that they learn to follow instructions, interact with adults and children outside the family. The rudimentary of pre language or pre maths are also taught here. So it is in the nursery school that the basic foundation of a child�s future school life is set.

Social Interactions: Nursery schools are also very important to a child because they teach your child about social interactions. Children learn to interact with other children and adults, put in group efforts, wait for their turn in class, help other children and make friends in the nursery school.

Emotional Development: Children are taught how to deal with their emotional reactions while in nursery schools. A good nursery school teaches them to handle their frustration and anger as well as teaching them to interact with other children. Also in a good nursery school children will be given space and time to resolve their own conflicts and develop their personality. The role of a nursery is not to shame a child but to guide them and help them to explore.

Learning to make Choices : People say that we are only as good as the choices we make. Generally a child learns to make choices at the nursery schools. Certainly he may exercise his choices at home also but the nursery school offers him a wider variety of choices. A child may choose the activity he likes the most or a classmate he likes more than others.
Learning to take Care: A good nursery school teaches a child to take care of himself as well as others. It is one of the first places where he or she goes outside their homes and here they learn to take basic care of themselves and help their friends.

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