Songs On Color For Preschoolers

Songs facilitate learning in preschoolers by making lessons fun for them. As a teacher or a parent to such an young child, you must incorporate as much fun and happy elements as possible. Here are seven songs that let’s the children receiving preschool education learn colors while having fun with sing-a-long songs. Children are gifted with an over-enthusiastic mind and are all the time looking forward into learning something new. But the dull and mundane doesn’t make them happy. Cheery, gleeful activities holds their interest the most. It encourages them to participate without any hesitation. The happy beat of these songs makes them very much dance-worthy to the tiny-tots.

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The color song – This song is so catchy that all the adults in the room will inevitably join the chorus.
What color are you wearing – This is such a wonderful song to get the kids involved even the shy ones. You can group them into colors or play word association games with colors.

Oh rainbow song – Almost every child is fascinated with rainbow. The rainbow song lets you teach the children colors while they engage in fun activities like making a rainbow with colored clays or papers.
Make a color chant – Children love to create. Let them chant the colors and come up with sound or an expression with each color. The more you will encourage them, the more they will learn, not just about colors but most importantly about self-expression.

Let’s sing a song about colors – Engage the children in the song and an activity. Introduce a color and ask them what objects have that color. The best part of this activity is that the children learn to identify objects with colors.
What color are you wearing today – It is one of the most fun songs. Each child gets called for the color he or she is wearing followed by a hooray! It is extremely enthusiastic and fun-filled.

Five little crayons – This is one of the best and most popular songs among preschoolers. It not only inspires the children to learn colors but also gets them motivated to draw out scenes.

Activities through songs ensures that the children truly get engaged in the process of learning rather than simple memorization of colors. Colors are the first step children take towards creating their masterpieces. Given the vivid imagination children have, a little bit of inspiration can draw out the Freidas and Van Goghs.