The importance of playing in preschool


It is true that children have to learn their lessons in schools. But playing activities in schools are as important as learning lessons. Especially, pre-schoolers including those who have been put into an international preschool have to be allowed to play a lot because as the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”


Though a preschool is supposed to prepare your child for her transition to elementary school, teachers should ensure that play also fits into the school time. Experts firmly say that for preschoolers, play is also work because it is during playing they explore their senses.


What is the role of a preschool teacher in setting up play time?


Teachers in preschools should judge the capabilities of the kids and guide them in choosing the right playing activities. For example, slightly older children may readily and willingly play. But very young children may have inherent fears and so, they may like to watch how the older children play. But the advantage is when they carefully observe how the older kids play, they will develop a liking for the play activities and will eventually, start playing themselves.


Similarly, teachers of preschools can make the kids learn how they can cooperate with each other while playing. In general, children will like to interact only with those kids who have similar interests. But teachers can make the kids learn to interact with every other child, regardless of whether they have similar interests or not.


Researchers have found that those children who learn to interact with every other child possess great communication and marketing skills when they grow up.


What is the role of parents?


You, as a parent, must ensure that your kid has enough scope to play in school in which you put her. You must also check if the teachers are playing their role in the right manner for having play activities in their school. In other words, you must ensure that they have put in place the right type of environment for such activities.


Why playing in preschool is important


  1. Children can perfect their motor skills with the help of such activities. They will come across new challenges and so, they will be eager to involve themselves in every activity. Playing may improve the strength in their hands and this will help in enhancing their writing skills.


  1. Language development


Playing in preschool will help kids in learning new words. When their vocabulary improves, their communication skills will also improve. Discussions and interactions among themselves will help the kids in setting rules for their playing activities. In short, their social development will get accelerated, thanks to these activities.


  1. Self-confidence


Even small successes in their playing activities will improve the self-confidence in children.


You, as a parent, must therefore do a proper research when you choose a preschool.