All You Wanted To About International Schools


Today, international schools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, it constitutes of different types of school systems, which encompass a host of curricula and formats. Some of these international schools are more “international” than others.

If a school wants to be eligible for an international school, the school should typically follow an international or national curriculum, which is not same as the curriculum of the host nation moreover, there is an emphasis is put on an international education like the International Board as well as global citizenship.

Fast growth

The market for international schools has seen massive and unprecedented growth over the last one decade. During this time period, the total number of such schools has doubled all over the world.  Today, there are several thousands of international schools that are spread worldwide. Moreover, millions of students enroll in these schools around the globe. This so a clear indication that the impact of globalization and expansion of businesses beyond their geographical boundaries have led to an increasing number of expats who prefer to get their kids admitted in reputable international schools.

Defining an international school

This massive growth in the number of international schools has triggered the mushrooming of many such schools that are using the term “international”. However, in reality, they are so just in name. For instance, in the year 2010, only 23 percent of the international schools were offering a form of IB program. So, the big question is what happened to the remaining three-fourth of these international schools, which did not offer such a program?

While it is true that IB is not the sole program for such schools, what sort of curriculum was being offered by the remaining international schools? Questions like these promoted the International Association of School Librarianship to come up with a set of criteria based on which any school can be regarded as international school or for that matter in any place. The association served that while all the international schools may not satisfy all the conditions, at least 8 of the criteria should be adhered by the schools.

The main aim of the international schools is to educate their students that a big world exists out there beyond their own culture and nation. Even the teacher at these schools gets an opportunity to learn these valuable lessons of life along with their pupils.